Nick Baumgartner

Bruce Baumgartner

My First Olympic Press Conference:

When we arrived in Vancouver we went straight to athlete processing picked up all of our gear and had a quick photo shoot. It was nonstop from the minute we touched down.

Next it was straight to a press conference. We walked into the room and there were microphones set up in front of each athlete's seat with name tag placeholders. I am looking down the line of names set out on the table. As I go down the line reading all my buddies names it gave me chills this was so cool. Seth Wescott, Nate Holland...Lindsay Jacobellis. As I got closer to the table I was so excited, I get to my seat and it reads Bruce Baumgartner (he was the 1980 Olympic gold medalist heavy weight wrestler ha, I was a State Champion wrestler in high school so I can understand the confusion). The crazy thing is that in high school my brothers and I hung around with a guy that would always claim he was the fifth Baumgartner brother. He would introduce himself as Bruce Baumgartner. It was a wild coincidence or maybe not. I’d like to think that my buddy somehow pulled this off. I loved it, there I was my first moments in the Olympic spotlight and someone got the wrong name that just so happened to have great meaning to me. I laughed pretty hard and my nerves were instantly settled. If the name was going to be wrong it could have been worse. I won’t ever mind being mistaken for a fellow Olympian let alone a Gold Medalist Wrestler. It seemed oddly fitting. The fifth pseudo Baumgartner brother finally got a little recognition as well.