Nick Baumgartner


I had been traveling the country and sleeping in my car at competitions. In November of 2003 I moved to Durango Colorado for a few months so I could compete in some bigger events. I did two boardercross events that got me some attention. The Subaru US Extremes and the USASA Nationals. I won both events and earned an invite to the 2005 Winter X Games in Aspen Colorado. Up to this point I had only competed in a handful of boardercross events. I was doing rail sliding and big air competitions prior to finding my speed as a boardercross racer. I was a bit nervous but also super excited. I showed up to the X Games with my Mom, Dad, sister and brother. I made it through the first round which gave me an automatic invite to the 2006 X-Games. With that pressure off my back I went for it in the next heat but didn’t make it through to the finals. Instead I went to the small finals and took 3rd. Overall I placed 9th at my first X-Games. Considering the amount of boardercross racing I had done up to this point I was stoked. I knew I found my competition.

From 2005 to 2010 I competed annually in the X-Games Snowboarder X competition. Every year I made progress and came closer and closer to achieving my goal of an X-Games Gold Medal. There were some great races along the way. I had some pretty wild crashes but hadn’t yet achieved what I was there to do.

In 2011 I realized my dream. I stood atop the X-Games podium and held up my Gold Medal and my son Landon. All the hard work, training, travel, and dedication paid off. In 2012 I got the chance to defend my X-Games Gold. I ended up on the podium once again only this time I was holding a Silver Medal.

The X-Games provided me a chance to showcase my racing prowess and gained me attention on a national level. Racing in the X-Games has been one of the best competitive experiences I have ever had.