Nick Baumgartner


With the attention span of a squirrel and a reckless decision making process as co-pilot Nick Baumgartner has found himself in the top levels of competition in two seasonally different sports, Professional Snowboarding and Motorsports.

Baumgartner has three simple goals. Be the first one down the hill, the first one around the track, and the coolest dad on the planet.

In Baum’s world it always seems to start with a bad decision gone right. At least that’s how his decisions have played out professionally. To feel out the idea of becoming a professional snowboarder Baum grabbed a sleeping bag and bailed on dorm life for a semester. He traveled the country competing in whatever events he could while living out of his car. After a few tough seasons of urban camping it was on to national competitions, the US Snowboard Team, the Winter X-Games, the 2010 & 2014 Winter Olympics. Along the way Baum has earned back-to-back National Championships, two World Championship Bronze medals, multiple X-Games medals including a Gold in 2011. 

If his career stopped there most people would be impressed. If you’ve ever met him you know he can’t stand still for a minute let alone a decade of summer off seasons.

The first summer endeavor was a decorative concrete stamping business. Watching concrete harden wasn’t helping pass the summers. You can get a lot of thinking done watching concrete harden. Years of competing in demolition derbies, watching the off road truck races in Crandon, WI and Bark River, MI, and all that thinking time gave Baum all the fuel he needed for a bad decision. Mortgage the house and put the money into an off road race truck.

For a guy that went from living out of a car to snowboarding around the world you might not think there would be much left to prove. There isn’t. He just can’t stop racing.

Baum set his sights on short course off road racing.

So if anyone ever asks you what Nick Baumgartner does for a living, tell them Nick Baumgartner Races.

Baumgartner passionately calls Iron River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula home.

His early competitive career was a good indicator of the drive but not the direction his life would take him. His passion for competition was cultivated in his home state of Michigan. Every day is a constant battle to reach the top of two extreme sports.