Nick Baumgartner


From 2000 to 2003 I traveled the country in my 2 door car to compete in events I found by searching the internet. I slept in my car at numerous events. Traveling the country and sleeping in my car was all part of the hard work and dedication behind what I do now. I recall the grand prix at mount bachelor in 2005. This was the first time I ran into the US Snowboard team and their coaches. My first encounter with the team was when I overheard my current head coach Peter Foley tell his team members at the time to stay away from me and be careful cause I was super reckless, haha. He was right, I knew how to go fast but had no idea how to handle the speed when I got to the corners. Needless to say I wasn’t invited to join the team at this point.

After running into the team I competed in two boardercross events, the Subaru US Extremes and the USASA Nationals. I won both events and was invited to compete in the X-Games. My first X-Games in 2005 resulted in a top 12 finish. I also put a top 10 finish in the Snowboardcross Grand Prix under my belt. After my performance at the 2005 X-Games and Snowboardcross Grand Prix I was invited to the US Snowboard team camp in Mammoth. This was only a couple months after running into the US Snowboard Team as the reckless guy to stay away from.

I was named to the US Snowboardcross C Team which meant no funding but I would receive coaching and gear as a perk. After sleeping in my car to get to this point coaching and gear was a huge deal. During the next season of competition I didn’t get the required results to get my spot on the team back. This just fueled my drive and my riding and I won the national championship and my first World Cup in 2007. This cinched a spot on the A Team which brought full funding. Without the funding I would have never been able to keep chasing this dream so i continued to work hard, set goals, and stay focussed. I have been on the A team ever since. Once I made the US Snowboard Team Snowboardcross A Team there was only one place left to go..........the Olympics.

When someone doubts me or tells me I can’t, I go to extremes to prove what I can do and hopefully earn some respect along the way.

Oh, and to this day I still sleep in my car from time to time.