Nick Baumgartner


My snowboard has taken me to 20 different countries and It is always super cool getting another stamp on my passport. I have seen some of the most beautiful views from some of the highest mountains in the world. I absolutely love the mountains, they have given me so much. I can't say I don't love the turquoise water and perfect waves to surf in Fiji, either. Whether it be surfing in Fiji, bungie jumping in New Zealand, racing trucks across Mexico and America, or shredding mountains in Japan, Russia, South America and everywhere in between, it’s always unforgettable and totally rad.

Some of my friends haven't left the Midwest, so I feel very fortunate. All the hard work has paid off over the years. There definitely has been some tough times and hard struggles. Life is just so much fun to live if you get to do awesome stuff every day. I have become much more cultured in my journeys and I can't wait to take my son to all these places as well.