Nick Baumgartner

Winter X Games

Ever since I got my first snowboard Christmas Day 1990 I wanted to try and be the best snowboarder at my Local Hill. I spent years slamming off of pure ice, sliding around on dirty slush, and sliding handrails in towns all over the UP. Once competing I found out that I was really good at going fast and being ok after a hard crash. Since ESPN X Games had this as an event, I put all my effort into getting the invite. Once I made the X Games Invite list my goal quickly shifted to winning the event. This journey to X Games Gold would span 6 years, 1 Olympics, 2 World Cup Titles, and World Championship Bronze, 15 screws and a titanium plate. It was worth every bit of sweat I put in, every night in a parking lot and all those winters eating Ramen Noodles. My dream of competing in X Games has opened my life up to endless possibilities.

X-Games Results History